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Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island is one of the most unique and diverse islands on the East coast of Australia. Surround with stunning fringing reef and offering 1454 hectares of outstanding natural flora and fauna to enjoy, the island can be explored by both land and sea. 


Home to 17 white sandy beaches, you can always find a beach to yourself and with walking tracks all over the island, you can always find a new spot to explore. Please note, these tracks are often a goat track and proper shoes are recommended. We also recommend checking in with GKI Water Sports & Activities before you head out, ensuring someone knows where you're heading and can give you a little local insight. Check out our GKI walking track map to plan your route before you arrive. Don't forget plenty of water as other then the main esplanade, Great Keppel Island has no commercialisation and is purely untouched natural beauty.


From the sea, Keppel is lucky to boast some of the healthiest reef around, with many reefs boasting 95-100% healthy coral coverage. As a continental island, Great Keppel is lucky to have reef within reach, simply walk off the beach and explore remarkable diverse coral species, with a mixture of both soft and hard corals in impressive colours.    

Mount Wyndham

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